"…believe us, we are not speaking out of bias. If you listen to the full album, you will hear a complete piece of art, a professional, well-produced debut album played by well-experienced musicians. " - Permafrost Today, Noorwegen


Started during the pandamic in 2020. They wrote and recorded their debut album 'Vuurland' in their own legendary Vuurland Studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It sounds like a mixture of bands as Wilco, Arcade Fire, War On Drugs, The Cure, Radiohead, DEUS, Joy Division and The Smith. The album was received with great reviews and the band did some memorable gigs in 2022. Somewhere in 2023 a new album is expected to be released, starting with the first single "Wheel" (in memoriam Adrian Borland 1957-1999) in January.