One of Holland’s leading guitarplayers of the last decades is Peter Tiehuis, born in Almelo on June 15, 1956. At the age of nine he started to play classical guitar, which got succeeded some years later by the electric.

While playing in various rock- and soul-bands he finished a classical study at the Twents Conservatory in Enschede and a jazz study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

His versatility has enabled him to play almost any kind of music and has led to many recording dates, also in Belgium, Germany and England, for records and broadcasting.

Next to playing in the local jazz clubs he joined internationally well known groups, such as: The Skymasters, Peter Herbolzheimers Rhythm Combination and Brass, Batida, Till Brönner’s ‘Ballad Joint’, The Wolfgang Haffner Band, The Chris Hinze Combination, Het Metropole Orkest (which he’s joining since 1996 as a regular member).




Presently he regularly performs with the Paul Berner Band, the Toon Roos Group, the Fay Claassen Band.

In 2007 he recorded with bassguitar player Theo de Jong and percussionist Bart Fermie the cd Shaman Dance.  It was the birth of the trio 3HandsClapping,  an ideal combination for intimate chamber music.