In celebration of the birthday of our trusty colleague and consumer of many litres of alcohol Noah Zurhaar (a.k.a. Norro Mercy) we’re organising an evening filled a lethal dose of death metal! We’re honoured to welcome Witchfukker back to our stage to deliver some of the loudest bangers we had here in ‘t Oude Pothuys so far. Let’s see if Noah’s band (Darkwraith) can top that!


WITCHFUKKER: Deathrashing black metal from the deep south of the Netherlands. Unearthed by The Witchfukker and The Mütilator in 2019, Witchfukker makes relentless, uncompromising music that leaves no cross unturned. Last hallows eve they made Pothuys tremble with their sonic assault, and they’re back for a second wind. Total two-piece chaos spawned from the depths of hell. Come and experience the pounding of the neutron hammer!!!


DARKWRAITH: Originally a solo-project by me (Norro) has now expanded into a four-pieced powerhouse that comes armed to the teeth to piledrive everything and everyone that stands in our way. The gank-squad consists of VESTIBULUM, LORD INCUBUS OF PHALLUSTEIN (Black Door, Faceless Entity, Setnakht), GIANT DAD (Barbed Hands, ex-Witchfukker live), and CHAOSWITCH YNGVE (Doodswens). DARKWRAITH MAKES EVIL BLACK METAL OF DEATH. WE WILL KILL YOU. PREPARE TO FUCKING DIE!!!


Entrance fee: FREE ENTRANCE