I’m Noah Stakenborg, a Utrecht based guitarist. Currently I’m in my third year at the HKU Conservatory in the Jazz&Pop department and I’m exploring my musical identity and capacities. 


At age 8 I first started playing the guitar. I joined several bands and in High School I joined a bigband, where my love for jazz music started. After high school I went to study a technical bachelor in Enschede, but I always kept on playing music in bigbands. In 2017 I joined the Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest and started to discover that my heart lies in music. In 2020 I auditioned for the Jazz&Pop bachelor at HKU and I got accepted. Ever since I’ve been delving myself into all types of music. In 2021 I started playing the double bass and currently I get double bass lessons as a second main subject at HKU.